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We’ve crafted digital strategies and experiences on machines, for humans, and this, is what we love to do

15 years of thoughtful design, and counting

Digital experiences

that make you

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Mantis Eye is a Gurgaon, INDIA based

digital design & marketing firm that focuses on

insightful user-centric experiences.

Mantis Eye is a digital design and marketing agency where we’re always as excited about the next project as we were for our first. True story! We are an extremely passionate set of individuals who believe in finding minimalistic pathways to complex requirements, implementing mindfully crafted user experiences. We know that no one cares about an average product, they care about ideas. But then isn’t a product an idea too? Nope, not till it is a well-crafted one.

We founded Mantis Eye out of love towards designing innovative and impactful experiences, and to build amazing things. Our inspiration behind naming Mantis-Eye reflects this ideology. A Peacock Mantis Shrimp has the ability to see beyond what ordinary human eyes can, while packing a punch, here have a look...

India Lost & Found

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Rocks & Logs

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Andaman Escapes

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cBalance Solutions

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Listen, Decode
We succeed because we listen. We are a bunch of inquisitive minds and believe that unless we understand your requirements, obstacles and goals, any solution is meaningless.
Inspire, Create
Now that we understand each other, our user-centric design experience will inspire you and additionally engage the wider audience. Our creative, thoughtful and impactful solutions will help you succeed.
Evolve, Improve
We don’t let ourselves stop at what is merely ‘required’. We believe in pushing boundaries and walking running that extra-mile to design an experience our partners deserve, one that will make ‘us’ proud.

It is essential to comprehend the behaviour patterns and requirements of your audience. We do this through research mechanisms that empower us with the accurate knowledge and information to deploy the right digital solutions.

Experience Design

Designing an intuitive and effective user-experience is not just art, it is ‘science’. We work with user information, factual data and logic-oriented sensibilities to develop compelling user experiences so your brand stands apart and makes your digital presence, effective.


No two fingerprints are identical. Similarly, no two brands can or should be the same. They are distinguished through their products, services, values, goals & challenges. Our design solutions encapsulate and convey how your brand engages its audience.


The sole purpose of technology is to to connect and empower. We channel a lot of our energies to deeply understand the needs of your brand and its consumers to deliver digital-technology and tools built with ❤ by humans, for humans!

A Unique
Mix of people

Nikhil has been in the realm of digital marketing, Brand design systems, Rich-Media creative & production, interface design, and web development for over 15 years.
Nikhil Pasricha
Founding Partner
Nitin has an experience of over 10 years in the field of digital design & development primarily towards designing UI and UX. He is certified by ‘Human Factors International’ in the ‘The Science & Art of Effective Web & Application Design‘. He has worked with organisations such as Mercer & HCL Infosys. Nitin also holds an MSc in Sustainability (Climate Change) from the University of Leeds, UK, as well as a MCA from Amity University, Noida.
Nitin Pasricha
Founding Partner
Milkesh has over 3 years of experience as a Carbon ERP consultant and while he is only 2 years old in the field of web development, he has shown tremendous growth, eagerness and capacity to grasp and learn like none other. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from St. Xavier’s, Mumbai and has completed his Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Institute of Science, Mumbai. He is experienced in fields of Carbon ERP management, Carbon Footprinting & Inventorying, Life Cycle Studies, Sustainability Management and Web Development. Key highlights of his work include projects like National Carbon Inventory Analysis For CII and MOEFCC.
Milkesh Potdar
Product Manager

We are an extremely passionate set of individuals who believe in finding minimalistic pathways to complex requirements, implementing mindfully crafted user experiences.

At Mantis Eye, we do not believe in the concept of ‘client(s)’, rather, we seek to establish long-lasting relationships that empower our partners. We do not believe in short-sighted pathways and work closely with our partners to enhance their connection with their audience. We understand and believe that we thrive only when our partners succeed and are empowered with the right tools.



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