Seventeen years of thoughtful design.

Mantis Eye LLP creates thoughtful digital projects and solutions. We’ve crafted exceptional digital strategies and experiences on machines, for humans, and this, is what we love to do.


Digital experiences that make you stand out

Mantis Eye is a digital design and marketing agency where we’re always as excited about the next project as we were for our first. True story! We are an extremely passionate set of individuals who believe in finding minimalistic pathways to complex requirements, implementing mindfully crafted user experiences. We know that no one cares about an average product, they care about ideas. But then isn’t a product an idea too? Nope, not till it is a well-crafted one.

We founded Mantis Eye out of love towards designing innovative and impactful experiences, and to build amazing things. Our inspiration behind naming Mantis Eye reflects this ideology. A Peacock Mantis Shrimp has the ability to see beyond what ordinary human eyes can, while packing a punch, here have a look…

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